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Roka |- Founder/CEO

In 2012, after a trip to India, Kimberley developed an idea to help improve the lives of the people in the rural Bangalore quarries. She decided to start a social business, Roka, which aims to break the cycle of poverty through economic empowerment of women & education. Working with the 40K Group, Kimberley developed all facets of business including product design, supply chain, and financial planning.

Roka has developed into a unique social enterprise, generating participation and demand from public, government and corporate sectors.

Roka employs Indian women, providing them with economic empowerment & personal pride, & as a result they are able to subsidise the running of 40K PLUS education pods, to provide literacy, numeracy, & life-skills education to their children, & all the children in the villages.

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Roka Projects


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Roka Projects |Director


When Kimberley started Roka, she wanted the enterprise to be developed and run by young people, to benefit their futures as well. So Roka Projects was developed with the 40K Group.

A number of universities and TAFEs across Australia have recently come on board to do 'Roka Projects' These projects allow students to be given 'real assignments' about 'real issues'. Usually if a student does a uni assisngment well they get a good mark, but if they do a Roka Project well they can change lives. The idea is to train up young people in addressing social issues through an entrepreneurial lens. Roka has had a whole marketing subject at UOW working on a marketing campaign, and a whole jewellery school at the Sydney Institute of Design working on product design.



Yes WE Can!


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Yes WE (Women Engineers) Can! |Co-founder/Chairperson

Whilst studying at university, Kimberley became well aware of something...that out of the 198 students in her engineering class, there were only 5 girls. Kim realised that that the reason girls dont do engineering is largely because they don't know what it really is all about.  With 4 of her fellow engineering girls they started the ‘Yes WE Can!’ girls in engineering program. Kim was Chairperson, & was pivotal in gaining funding, marketing, & developing the curriculm to best teach young girls exactly what engineering is. The program is a full day hands-on workshop. The Yes WE Can! program had run the past 3 years, and is now a part of the engineering curriculum at UOW for all female engineering students to run the program at highschools around NSW.

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