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At 25, Kimberley has already established a reputation as a young leader, entrepreneur, and inspirational changemaker.

She was named in the 2013 Westpac and Financial Review's 100 Women of Influence, and was selected as a member of the Official Australian Government Delegation to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.


During her 5 years of study at university she gained two degrees with honours (B Engineering/B Science), completed a thesis where she helped develop the worlds most advanced artificial heart, co-founded and ran the successful ‘Yes WE(women Engineers) can!’ girls in engineering program.


Most notebly, Kimberley founded and was CEO of Roka, an award-winning social enterprise developed to break the cycle of poverty in rural India through economic empowerment of women and education.


She is currently founder and Executive Director of SheBuild and GenBuild, social businesses using economic empwoerment of women and young people to change the world. And also works full-time as an Engineer at Thales, a multi-national company, where she has been recognised as an emerging leader in a male-dominated environment.

Kimberley has been recognised in the 2014 NSW Young Woman of the Year, and in 2013 was recognised by the Financial Review and Westpac in Australia’s top 100 Women of Influence.
In 2012 she was named Young Australian Citizen of the Year by Kiama Council and was a finalist in the 2011 Pride of Australia Medal in the Young Leader category.

Kimberley is a popular public speaker, speaking at a wide range of events and functions on a range of topics (watch Kim's TEDxYouth talk).




In 2012, after a trip to India, Kimberley developed an idea to help improve the lives of the people in the rural Bangalore quarries. She decided to start a social business, Roka, which aims to break the cycle of poverty through economic empowerment of women & education. Working with the 40K Group, Kimberley developed all facets of business including product design, supply chain, and financial planning.

Roka has developed into a unique social enterprise, generating participation and demand from public, government and corporate sectors.

Roka employs Indian women, providing them with economic empowerment & personal pride, & as a result they are able to subsidise the running of 40K PLUS education pods, to provide literacy, numeracy, & life-skills education to their children, & all the children in the villages.

Through the 40K Group, and partnerships with Australian Universities and TAFES, 'Roka Projects' are run which empower young Australian's to be a part of social change. They learn about social entrepreneurship & about the potential to make a difference.


Since passing over the reins for Roka, Kimberley has founded 2 new social enterprises: SheBuild and GenBuild.

SheBuild is based on increasing women’s economic empowerment, which is increasingly viewed as the most important contributing factor to alleviating most of worlds equality issues.

GenBuild is based on training up young people to solve social problems through an entrepreneurial lens. Teaching them how to build social businesses which can sustainably solve some of society’s most pressing issues, whilst also economically empowering young people 

Public Speaker,


business woman​


Kimberley is an engaging and passionate public speaker who has spoken across a wide range of topics at an array of events and functions.

She has presented as key note speaker at national and international functions, presenting to audiences of over 600 people.

In March 2015 Kimberley was selected as a member of the Official Australian Government Delegation to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. She worked as an Advisor to the Minister, Ambassador and the delegation for the two-week Commission at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, also speaking on panels and roundtables on the role of social entrepreneurship and young people in development


In 2013 Kimberley asked to present as key note speaker at '2013 Status of Women Luncheon for International Women's Day'. And in 2013 she was a speaker at TEDxYouth@Sydney presenting the speech 'Rubble to Rupees'.


Kimberley is often asked for her opinion on a wide range of issues including women in engineering, equality, and social entrepreneurship. Speaking at the Australian Human Rights Comission, and engaging with the government to assist with women in underrepresented fields. In 2012 an article written by Kimberley 'The Conversation' about being a woman in an image focused society gained global attention . The article on empowering girls went viral, recieving over 3500 views in a few hours, and gaining applauding comments from public identities such as Ashley Judd and Tracey Grimshaw.


Since founding and establishing her social enterprise, Roka, Kimberley has become an impressive young business woman, and has consulted for other social start-ups, sharing her knowlegde and skills.

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kimberley kim abbott


and Leader​


A natural born leader, Kimberley has been recognised as an influential young leader in a wide range of areas. She is currently founder and diretor of social enterprise, Roka. She was co-founder and chairperson of the 'Yes WE Can!' women in engineering program, and has led a number of projects as a professional engineer.

A talented sportswoman, Kimberley has captained the U/19 Country  and NSW CHS Women's Cricket Teams, along with leading other high level sports teams in hockey, touch football and cricket. 


Being a firm believer that knowledge is precious, that we need to take it, feel it, and pass it on, Kimberley has devoted much of her time to mentoring and inspiring other young people.

Kimberley currently mentors students through the 40K Globe and Leadership Programs, where students work under Kimberley on Roka to help develop the enterprise, but to also develop their entrepreneural skills and gain valuable experiences.

Kimberley worked for two years as an 'In2Uni' mentor, mentoring groups of students from disadvantaged high schools to encourage them to pursue further education.

Kimberley has also presented at many student conferences and events for high school students, sharing her experiences, advice, and inspiring other young changemakers.

Awards & Achievements

2015 NGO Delegate to the UN Comission on Status of Women


2014 NSW Young Woman of the Year - Finalist


2013 Westpac and Financial Review 100 Women of Influence


2012 Young Citizen of the Year (Kiama Council)


2011 Pride of Australia Medal Young Leader - NSW Finalist


2007 Australian Olympic Commitee Pierre de Coubertin Award


2007 Caltex Best All-Rounder